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Keep up with the latest sustainable trends in interior design

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Do you want to offer your customers the latest sustainable trends in interior design? You can count on us to tell you what to look out for when buying decorative items for your shop or online store and introduce you to the most sustainable brands and exhibitors in interior design at the home & living department at Trademart, for wholesale decoration.

Sustainable trends for the bathroom and kitchen

If there are two rooms in the house where your customers can reduce their carbon footprint, they are the bathroom and the kitchen. And they don’t have to resort to taking cold showers for a more sustainable lifestyle! Your customers can opt for sustainable cleaning products, such as washable pads made of microfibre, bamboo or organic cotton, or replace their plastic shampoo and soap bottles with eco-friendly soap bars. shampoo bars and conditioners in solid form. At an exhibitor like Visaversa, you will find, among other things, eco-friendly products for the bathroom and refills from the eco brand Humdakin.

home & living duurzaam eco sustainable trademart

If you want to present add some sustainable kitchen utensils to your range, be sure to check out the original accessories on offer at the exhibitor Tendens. This company works with the famous German brand Koziol, which only uses 100% recycled plastic, BPA- and melamine-free, and wood fibres from FSC-certified European trees. For the best PFAS-free products, visit The Cookware Company.

Three tips for sustainable decoration

We also identify sustainable trends in interior design. If your customers are sensitive to this topic, you can give them these four tips. 

  • Choose sustainable furniture made from natural materials 

Among the sustainable interior brands, the exhibitor Edelman offers decoration and furniture in eco-friendly and natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo, as well as sustainable textiles. 

  • Choose sustainable lighting 

LED lamps consume up to 90% less energy and have a much longer lifespan. But the type of lighting also plays a role. Masson Agenturen presents the quality and sustainable brand Ay Illuminate, which has been using natural materials and recyclables for more than 15 years to make the most beautiful lamps. 

  • Invite nature into your home 

Plants are the most sustainable form of decoration you can recommend to your customers. They purify the air and reduce inner stress. However, don’t forget to remind your customers that a sustainable plant goes hand in hand with a sustainable pot. You will find them at Cocoon Collection, a Belgian brand that produces its own models for a perfect balance between price, quality, design and sustainability. 

home & living duurzaam eco sustainable trademart

Reusable cooler bags and carrier bags

Advise your customers to purchase reusable bags. They are much more durable and can even become a fashion accessory that elegantly complements an outfit. At Croon & Croon design, you will find the most original shopping bags, manufactured from sustainable textiles. This brand even offers cooler bags or insulated bags for your customers’ fresh or frozen purchases. 

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Reusable bottles and cups

Do your customers want to reduce their carbon footprint when travelling or at work? Several exhibitors among our wholesalers propose reusable bottles, flasks and cups or 100% recycled plastic storage boxes for your customers’ lunches and snacks. At Tendens, you will find the fun brand Sniff, while Deri Agenturen presents the quality brands Cilio, Zassenhaus and Kyocera. Exhibitors such as Studio L+A, Codera and T-Co also offer original wholesale drinking bottles, flasks and reusable cups.

Sniff Deri Cilio Zassenhaus Kyocera home living &go trademart

Your wholesaler in sustainable decoration

Whether you are looking for sustainable decorative items made from 100% recycled plastic, organic cotton or other sustainable textiles, you will find more than 150,000 interior decoration products spread over 10,000 square metres in the home & living department of Trademart, the largest decoration wholesaler in Belgium. 

All of the exhibitors in the home & living department (kitchen - dining room - gifts - design - decoration - furniture) will be at your service on the last Monday of every month, from 10am to 5pm. Some exhibitors from the home & living department (decoration - furniture) are even available every Monday. Make an appointment with the exhibitors of your choice to discover what sustainable interior design brands they can provide you with. 

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