Kidzpiration is a European distributor of various original and sustainable children's lifestyle brands. We love brands and products with their own recognizable style, which inspire children to play endlessly, discover the world around them and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Sustainability is a matter of course for us and leads us to brands and suppliers who, like us, are driven to produce and work together in a fair, respectful and sustainable way.


Abel Wooden Toys

Brothers Folko and Jelmer are driven by a desire to make life an adventure. Discover new things. Push boundaries. With Abel they aim to help children with growth and development, while having fun. Abel’s Wooden Blocks offer endless possibilities, stimulating open-end play. 


The unique shape of the blocks ensure that everything you build with the Abel blocks immediately looks quite beautiful. Discover the creative possibilities of the Blocks; building towers, creating surprising figures and exciting balance games are possible. If you want to expand the set, you can easily do this with one of the other sets. Abel Blocks can be greatly used to advance fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, creativity and fantasy. It is also fantastic game material to teach children to work together. Abel blocks comes in 3 different sets.

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Candylab Toys

Candylab is an American brand, based in Brooklyn New York. Born on a 21st century crowdfunding platform, and currently sold around the world, Europe to Canada and Australia to the Middle East.

Its mission is to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market. Core principles of the company are that they believe in extensive use of natural materials, unique craftsmanship, and that great design should be attainable, and not reserved to luxury status. 

Unlike other toy brands around the world, Candylab sets itselves apart in one major way: they are firmly believing that wood as a natural, renewable resource can be just as versatile as plastic when it comes to building engaging and attractive toys. The brands mission is to make wooden toys better than plastic ones, with zero compromises.

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dusq is a sustainable brand for young families.

We believe in lasting memories. That is why we make products that grow with you, ideally for a lifetime.
We believe in reliability. That is why we use strong and honest materials.


Sustainable products, for lasting memories. From the materials and manufacturers, to the products and the packaging. sustainability is our driving force.

All products are developed in the Netherlands and produced in Portugal.



Our products made from recycled PET canvas. The leather we use is eco leather. Vegetable tanned and colored.

Dusq has been founded in 2019 by Louise Boeree and her former businesspartner. In 2021, dusq has managed to make a restart with Maiko, owner of Kidzpiration.

The brand continues to develop sustainable bags, shoes, accessories and baby- and kids apparel.

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Hangloose Baby a pour objectif de contribuer à une vie de famille où le petit peut explorer, s'amuser et se connecter au monde qui l'entoure.


En se concentrant sur le design distinctif, la fonctionnalité, la créativité et le fondement de Hangloose, conçu par des pères, il y aura une expérience de marque unique.


Hangloose promet commodité et plaisir de vivre aux jeunes familles avec un design cool et excentrique. Conçu dans l'esprit d'un père. Nos valeurs fondamentales sont : l'excentricité, le plaisir, le design, la créativité, la famille et la qualité.


Designed by daddies, loved by babies

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Wee Gallery

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Mini Coco

Unleash the inner zebra in every child​


At Mini Coco we believe that every child is a one-of-a kind masterpiece, born with a unique set of qualities and personalities, just like the unique and distinctive stripe pattern of zebras.

We love to create sustainable toys for babies and kids that nurture their natural curiosity and that fit to each child’s individual interests and development. Helping little ones to grow and thrive in their own colorful and vibrant way.

Just like zebras who have hardly been tamed or domesticated we want children to roam freely. To discover what makes them unique and develop the confidence to pursue their own passions and dreams.

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is the original flexible toy road. Dutch design, made in Europe. For a lifetime of creative fun!


The brand

WaytoPlay is a Dutch brand which produces flexible road parts made from PVC. These road parts can be used on almost any surface, inside and outside. The brand also offers wooden cars to accompany the sets.

The roadparts come in a variety of sets, which differ from eachother in amount of roadparts included in the box. Available sizes are 12 parts, 16, 24, and 40. Besides the roadparts, the cars are now available in five colors: woody, blue, red, orange and yellow. The packaging resembles the color included.


Durable and Highest Quality

The road parts are made of the highest quality flexible PVC, which is sourced in Europe. The material is BPA, cadmium, PAH, lead and Phthalates free, and is safe for those with an allergy of silicon. They product is made and printed in The Netherlands, and is compliant with the necessary Toy Test Norms in Europe, USA, Japan, and China (EN71, Reach and CCC).




·       Flexible, durable road toy

·       Add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets

·       Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside

·       Easy to connect parts

·       Encourages imaginative play

·       Great to combine with other toys

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